Many of us scared to do different exercises or yoga asanas out of fear of injuries or muscle pain. So, REHAB YOGA is a different form of yoga which basically focuses on reducing the pain and the injuries to the client. The most fundamental goal of rehab yoga is to increase the confidence and motivates them that they can achieve their desired fitness dreams.

Why Rehab Yoga

  •  To minimize the level of injuries and pain simultaneously guide them the correct postures of
    doing yoga.
  • To evaluate the movement of pathomechanics which mean to have a regular check on the
    correct positioning, proper techniques and correct biomechanics of the asanas especially for
    those clients who are new to it.
  • To teach the “general stretches” and “point stretches” for each body part and old stretches are
    revised and corrected if necessary. These procedures are not only incredibly effective, they also
    reinforce to the person that you know what you are doing and can be trusted.
  • To improve the muscle control and stability of joints.