#YogaAlignment : Alignment in yoga doesn’t work on one size fits all principle.

You can not prescribe same medicine to everyone, every individual is different with their own limitations and capabilities.

As a yoga teacher you have to see things in isolation and then whole integrated yoga posture will come into existence if individuals body is ready for it.

A set alignment which is good for one person might hurt someone else.

As a yoga teacher you should have thorough understanding of Joint Biomechanics, muscle function, functional anatomy and most importantly keeping in mind the purpose of doing the Asana. Are you doing POSE or a POSTURE?

If you can do something doesn’t literally means your participants will also be able to, you have to find out the exact limitation.

Doctors also don’t prescribe medicines without diagnosis, then how can you work on a integrated yoga posture as one without knowing from where it’s being restricted.

Most of the times in yoga Asana classes on the name of Alignment everyone is just pushing and pulling participants into traditional final poses as prescribed in yoga texts.

No one is ready to accept and understand that 90% of human population won’t be able to perform all yoga Asanas in the same way they are prescribed in traditional yoga texts due to our own different joint structures.

Functional anatomy, knowledge of Biomechanics, muscle & joints function are the key to get into yoga Asana Safely.

Invest in good education, don’t fall for such claims of Back bends, Inversions, Hip openings, Hamstrings openings etc. specialization because not everyone would be able to, learn the scientific way of doing things.

It’s good to dream but wise to Live in realistic world.

Yoga asana is about being steady and comfortable in the pose and not about struggling, doing circus acts and getting injuries due to one.

Work in a posture for benefits of Yoga and not only for Aesthetics for FB and Insta.

“sthira sukham asanam” as said by Maharishi Patanjali. 🧘‍♂️🧘‍♀️🙏🏻


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