Through the practices of yoga, we discover that concern for the happiness and well being of others, including animals, must be an essential part of our own quest for happiness and well being. The fork can be a powerful weapon of mass destruction or a tool to create peace on Earth.

What is yoga:

As per Rehab Yoga, there is no particular definition of yoga. The word yoga comes from the word “yuj” which means “to join” or “to yoke”. The most important thing we need to understand is that yoga is not a religion it is pure science. Every asana which we perform is totally based on the science. so, yoga is a very logical concept which has the infinite number of benefits to our body from head to toe.

Yoga is the process of knowing who we are, it helps us to understand and analyze our depths. Basically, the main aim of practising yoga is “self-awakening and introspection. We can easily get closer to our own selves, to our strengths and weaknesses. As such yoga is the process of “self-discovery”. It is the simple process of inhaling and exhaling of oxygen by sitting in the definite positions. If we talk about the philosophical aspect of yoga in which it is all about the “conscious connection” and how to eliminate anger, negativity etc from ourselves. yoga leads to the path for eternal happiness, joy, and optimism.

There are many benefits of yoga that are known to us but still, there are many advantages of yoga which are underrated even today also.

Most Underrated Benefits of Yoga:

  • Sound sleep: one of the most underrated benefits of yoga is that helps the person to get the sound sleep. Yoga helps those people who suffer from problems like insomnia or restless. It helps them to get better sleep and sound sleep. such problems can never be cured by medicines but yoga can do wonders in it.
  • Anti-ageing:  this is a most useful tip for women who spent a huge amount of money to beautify themselves. They spent lakhs in order to get the perfect botox, they assure their skin always look young and radiant. But they never knew that such glowing or wrinkle-free skin is also a result of doing continuous yoga for years and years.

  • Changes your personality: no doubt, yoga fights with almost every single problem of the body but it also has the power to change your attitude towards life. It completely transforms you as a person. All you have to do is be very particular and continuous about it provided one should never miss a single day without performing asanas.

  • Gives inner peace and satisfaction:  we always consider yoga just for our healthy lifestyle but its way more above that. In this materialistic world, it gives the inner peace and satisfaction in life. It gives the real meaning of life. Simultaneously, a person learns how to appreciate and enjoy the little things in life. So, basically, it gives peace to the soul.


So, today in the unhealthy lifestyle way of living life, yoga has become very important part and parcel of our lives. Rehab Yoga teaches the simplest ways of living a well-balanced life and brings the ultimate form of peace and satisfaction to one’s life. It is rightly said that yoga is an “Undisturbed calmness of mind is attained by cultivating friendliness toward the happy, compassion for the unhappy, delight in the virtuous, and indifference toward the wicked.”

It is very easy to learn the correct postures for the asanas either one can go learn it from youtube etc or can join professional classes. But one should definitely try to indulge in the habit of practising yoga on the daily basis.