Everyone on this planet from insects to humans are working hard to get that comfort.

Comfort which we think makes us feel secure, gives us a sense of happiness, relaxation and promise of long life, however the opposite is true.

Its not bad to get into comfort zone because it shows you the progress just like a milestone but staying there for longer will make you weak, lazy, insecure and fearful of loosing it.

Growth is an ongoing process of reaching one shot of comfort zone and then keep moving for the next one.

Challenges at each step make one stronger and better than ever before.

If you feel like there is no more challenge in your life and everything is going just smooth then it’s high time to revisit your goals or look around.

It’s not only about you, once you feel that you are fulfilled and content then start helping others who are in need.

It’s not always to keep progressing for yourself because that race may never end but to help someone else achieving their desired goals by taking them out from their comfort zone which will make your path more shiny and clear.

This is a different dimension of processing as a living being when there is continuous urge to keep moving for betterment of all beings.

Getting out of comfort zone is the ultimate way to get liberation.

Liberation from attachments, fear, greed, weakness, hate, jealousy, anger and all negative thoughts & emotions.

Are you ready to LIBERATE ?