Hari OM Tat Sat 🙏🏻🕉

Lately there is so much emphasis on Yoga Anatomy to know the functionality of human body and the muscle involvement during each posture.

This is a great step for modern Yogis to improve each posture by learning muscles functions and behaviour and to get strength and flexibility which is hardly seen now a days due to current lifestyle.

However, very few are talking in depth when it comes to Biomechanics, as how our joints and skeleton system work in relation to muscles and their movements.

No doubt, we all have same number of muscles, bones and joints unless someone is born with less or more out of any deficiency or genetic conditions.

However, we all definitely have structural differences which varies in number of ways and decide how your movement will look like in certain posture.

Therefore having structural limitations and on top of that heap of ego while depicting someone else in yoga postures on mat may lead to severe musculoskeletal injuries eventually leading to leave the mat and months of bed rest.

Better will be to know our own structural design and it’s limitations because not everyone will be able to move and perform in the same way.

Having couple of good postures due to right conditions/biomechanics according to the imposed demands/Posture, doesn’t not mean you would be able to perform all the postures in the same way, like so called “PERFECT”.

There is nothing called perfection, everything is evolving from its current form and this is the beauty and ultimate reality of the universe, only the change is constant.

Therefore, this greed of becoming perfect with lack of awareness of our own biomechanics is the leading cause of such disasters.

Trying to fit different key into different lock again and again will lead to demotivation only.

Right knowledge is needed to find the right key for the right lock and acceptance if you can’t find one.

Maybe that door is not for you, try another, because you may break the lock or the door it self which might work outside in the world but within you it will only cause forever pain and sufferings.

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