We know and understand that yoga means union therefore it’s a oneness of body, mind and soul.

As great Yogis used to use certain breathing techniques as a medium to achieve this goal with time and practice, similarly in modern world the goal might be same but there are various challenges.

The most important challenge to walk in the yogic path and achieve its goals in modern world is Vyadhi (disease) weather physical or mental.

Till the time people are struggling and suffering with their own body and mind’s instability it’s very tough to maintain discipline.

Now a days people don’t understand and consider their limitations, diseases, illnesses and think that like people in old days used to get benefits and achievements from yoga and yogic life, similarly they will also get, however it’s not easy because Vyadhi is restricting them from even living a healthy life.

Also, they try to find all the solutions through yoga itself and that also in 1 hour of practice 3 days a week or less.

They don’t want to understand that Yoga is not meant therapeutic purpose, all the health benefits are a by product of yogic lifestyle.

Yoga is not a exercise program it should be one’s lifestyle and then only all the Siddhi/achievements can be achieved.

Therefore in Rehab Yoga we are focusing on foundation of life using yogic limbs as described by Maharishi Patanjali in Yoga Sutras.

We are trying to overcome the limitations, instability and all the restrictions which are holding a person back in modern lifestyle from getting yogic benefits, and then with their own pace and practice people will start getting into the path of real yoga.

In Rehab Yoga we are trying to give meaning and purpose to all the actions so that each step will be valuable and a stepping stone towards Samadhi/Enlightenment.

We need to first understand and listen to our own bodies before we can make conclusions about the external world.

It’s time to get back to the basics, it’s time to get connected with the self, it’s time to be on the yogic path to achieve higher consciousness and all these will only happen when we will take accountability for ourself and acceptance as it is.

“Let’s begin the discipline of Yoga”

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