A Holistic Approach Towards Treating Injuries

Course Prospectus

REHAB YOGA  is the fundamental need for learning Yoga Postures with the right positions, providing you all the basic knowledge, skills, and confidence. Simultaneously guiding you about the right alignment tools to work efficiently.

Many of us get injuries with our hardcore regular yoga Asana practice due to unawareness of joint compressions & muscle tension. Therefore, in REHAB YOGA we focus on reducing the pain and the injuries during Asana classes with corrective alignment and muscle control.

The most fundamental goal of rehab yoga is to increase awareness of posture injuries and build confidence and motivates practitioners so that they can achieve their desired Yoga Asana dreams safely and effectively.

There are 4 workshops on the most common Pain & Injury sites

  • Yoga for Lower Back Pain 
  • Yoga for Knee Pain 
  • Yoga for Neck Pain
  • Yoga for Shoulder Pain 

Who Should Join:

  • Anyone who wish to learn Yoga for Injury & Pain Management 
  • Anyone suffering from Back Pain, Knee Pain, Neck Pain & Shoulder Pain
  • Movement enthusiasts to prevent and cure their regular aches & pains

What Will You Learn:

Learn Pain Reasons & Solutions with Holistic Approach to prevent and cure such issues 

Learn Unique Testing and Assessments 

Learn Myofascial and Trigger Point Release 

Learn Muscle Imbalance Correction Techniques 

Learn safe techniques to Stretch & Strengthen the Muscles 

Learn all issues and solutions related to Lower back pain, Knee pain, Neck pain & Shoulder pain 

Limited seats available on a first come first serve basis 

What will you get for each workshop:

* International Certificate of completion  

* Yoga Alliance 6 contact hours 

* Course Notes in PDF format 

* Course recordings for lifetime use