“We are stronger than any External Situation if we make our Inner self Stronger and Committed.”


I personally take it as an opportunity to Transform myself, to spend time with loved ones, to create new things, to safeguard my family and country, to serve the community and society by sharing valuable informations and keeping social distancing to prevent from spreading or getting COVID-19.

Namaste Everyone 🙏🏻




Hope you are doing well and taking care of yourself and your family. It’s time to stay strong and more conscious then ever before.
Your one wrong step in Panic or one negative thought can lead to serious damage to everyone around you. It’s time to stay positive and Alert 🚨.
Therefore, In this emergency situation of COVID19, when there is no cure available till date and casualties are rising every second, the need of Prevention by incorporating Yoga 🧘‍♂️ into daily life has become crucial.

“Yoga starts where science stops”


Let’s take these 21 days lockdown as an opportunity to transform ourself, so that when we will get back to our regular hectic life we will be well prepared to face upcoming challenges with strong body and mind.
I know there are many many things we can do in Yoga for overall health but today, I am sharing few very simple and useful Yoga tips for everyone, specially for current situation so that people can make their inner self stronger and even if accidentally one meets with Mr Corona, it won’t affect because of Strong and Positive Aura/Energy of person.

Daily Regimen:- Step by step (from morning till night)

Ps: With couple of time practice you will master all the steps and these simple doings will transform your life and become part of your routine in next 21 days.
1- One to two glasses of Luke warm water with one Lemon, first thing everyday in the morning 
2- Jal Neti / Water Nasal cleaning 
3- Getting Bath, Getting fresh in Indian Style if possible for most benefits 
4- Yoga Asanas:
– Joints Stability & Mobility Drills 
– Dynamic Warm Up (Of your Choice)
– 12 Sun Salutations (Hatha Style) 
5-  Pranayama: (Most important steps of all) 
– Bhastrika 50 of 3 sets (I personally like to do until I get tired as it floods the blood into Lungs and quieten the mind
– Kapalbhati 50 of 3 sets (a perfect combo with Bhastrika for Respiratory efficiency)
– (You can do these 2 alternatively)
– Alternate Nostril Breathing 20 of 3 sets (in the end to get back para sympathetic system and create energy balance.
6-  Meditation:
– OM chanting at least 21 times and more
– Silent Meditation at least 15 min or more
Food: Since season is changing therefore Fasting is recommended for healthy individuals, if therapeutic conditions then follow your regular diet.
7- Breakfast around 10am
Only Fruits (Seasonal and citric fruits if possible)
8- Lunch around 1pm 
Very light food (cereals), more salad and green vegetables
9- Dinner around 6pm 
– Skip completely if possible
– Otherwise, Mixed Salads
10- Water
– At least 8-10 glasses (Combination of water, lemon drink, fruit juices, coconut water) 
In between pls carry on with your work from home, stay with family, share valuable time with loved ones, make the most of this peaceful time, breathing fresh air available due to no pollution, live happily, don’t panic, stay alert, be safe and keep safe.
I consider that most of the things are easy to understand and doable, still if you need please feel free to comment below for any doubts, clarification and questions regarding any step mentioned above.
Also, if you feel you need a video on any topic then please let me know.
OM, Peace, Peace, Peace 🕉✌️
Gaurav Negi | Rehab Yoga | www.rehabyoga.in | Gaurav@rehabyoga.in